The quality of spatial coverage in mobile and special communication systems is determined primarily by the antenna selection quality. Cellular network operators use for this purpose the products of some world-wide known vendors (Andrew, Allgon, Kathrein, Huawei etc.). The list of catalogues is large enough but nevertheless it cannot fully meet the demands of all real situations and dynamically changing conditions. In this sense, the McWiLL system has certain advantages because it employs adaptive antennas that follow subscribers with their rays and tune themselves to get rid of interference. That is why, though the original structure and geometry of the antenna elements’ position is of great importance, but it is not prerequisite. The McWiLL Company is an independent manufacturer of antenna equipment for the wide scope of radio frequency bands. Panel antennas, circular antennas, complicated combinatorial antenna structures are available for implementation. Miniature multiband indoor antennas were also developed and are used. As a result of the adaptive control of the antenna beams it is possible to obtain the antenna gain as high as 18 dBi even in the 350 MHz band. In higher frequency bands this gain for antenna dimensions typical for cellular systems exceeds 20 dBi.
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