McWiLL modems installed on ATM/cash dispensers and payment terminals provide stable telecommunication channels to a processing center as well as guarantee the data transmission from the photo- and videomonitoring devices. The McWiLL equipment mounted on cash-in-transit vehicles provides the voice communication with the dispatcher and other vehicles, the transmission of telemetric data on the vehicle status and location, and transfers data from videomonitoring cameras.

McWiLL radio stations provide tapping-free and interference-immune communication lines for cash-in-transit guards allowing them to instantaneously set up group calls (by pressing the PTT button) or individual calls (by dialing a number) for voice communications, as well as to carry out a real-time photo- and videomaterial exchange. In addition to calls sent over the McWiLL network they may call fixed-line and mobile phone numbers.

McWiLL dispatcher service provide a flexible management of communications with the crews, to monitor each of the employees (determine his/her location on the map, keep record of conversations), to supply important information to the staff without delay in the form of voice or text messages and to set up videoconference calls and exchange of files.