Base station XW5408-03

Radio unit XW5400-03 1 pc.
System unit XW5400 1 pc.
Omnidirectional antenna SL17039A supported by tubular mast (diameter 89 mm) 1 pc.
GPS antenna CSGPS-27BH with mounting set 1 pc.
GPS lightning protector MHT-N5-2 1 pc.
Surge protector (-48V) SPD048-30-MH 2 pc.
input distribution panel 220 V 1 pc.
uninterruptible power-supply box (ИБЭП-220/48V) 1 pc.
accumulator package (4 pieces) 1 pc.
Utility metering cabinet 1 pc.
Utility metering cabinet 1 pc.
Switch LS-S2326TP-EI-DC 1 pc.
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