The routers CPE series

Communication standard McWILL
The McWILL frequency range used 336 MHz~344 MHz
The McWILL bandwidth 5 MHz
Transmitter power in the McWILL mode 27±1dBm
The receiver sensitivity in the McWILL mode -105 dBm
Maximum data transfer rate on the UP/DOWN line 5 Mbit / s
Channel bandwidth (duplex) 10 Mbit / s
Wi-Fi security WPA and WEP
Maximum power of the Wi-Fi transmitter 7 dBm
Supported number of Wi-Fi users 5 users
External interface Rj-45 100 Mbit/s, Wi-Fi
Light indication McWILL signal level indicator light The Wi-Fi working status indicator (blinks when Wi-Fi is turned on, turns off when Wi-Fi is turned off) LAN operating status indicator (blinks when data is being transmitted, turns off when no data is being transmitted) Power indicator (lights up when connecting 220V)
Power supply 220V~12V 2A
Power consumption 8 W
Operating temperature 0℃~+45℃
Storage temperature -25℃~+55℃
Size 175mm × 130mm × 70mm
Weight 105 g
Delivery set Box, warranty, power supply, instructions
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