McWiLL modems installed on public transportation vehicles ensure a secure transmission of the following information to the dispatcher service and the public-transportation control center:

• data of online fare payment from the ticket validators in the transportation vehicle,
• telemetry data from the sensors installed in the transportation vehicle allowing the identification of the vehicle’s condition and position,
• photo- and videomaterials taken by the videomonitoring devices installed in driver’s compartment and in the passenger saloon, as well as a Wi-Fi access to Internet for passengers.

Due to voice services the driver maintains a permanent communication with the dispatcher so that extraordinary situations can be handled promptly. McWILL equipment provides tapping-free and interference-immune communication lines for sending instantaneous messages, group calls and individual voice calls.

Distinctive feature of the McWiLL equipment is the wideband data transmission to subscriber that rides vehicles with the speed up to 200 km/h which makes this equipment suitable for any vehicles of the transportation infrastructure.