Core Network


Service aggregation gateway with call management features, mobility management, resource management, add-on service management.


The reference location register server supports the processing of various interface protocols, provides storage of subscribers’ information, processes subscriber authentication requests, and provides system management.


The iM5000 Network Integral Management System Server manages the elements in a McWILL network, including fiber-optic base stations, base network elements and user terminals.


The multimedia trunking dispatch system specially adapted to the needs of industry customers. In addition to traditional voice services, it provides trunking dispatch, data dispatch and display of the subscriber's location.


The iMC Short Message Service is an equipment of a base network. It provides the reception / transmission and storage of short messages.


The STAT performance indicators management server is used to analyze and query the collected data of service aggregation gateways and base stations to help managers to analyze and optimize the network.

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