Housing services and utilities

Wide range of the McWiLL equipment modifications makes it possible to implement a full-fledged system for collection and transmission of data from water, heat, gas, electricity meters, from the sensors of security and fire prevention systems, lighting systems and other systems that are part of the housing services and utilities’ automation.

McWiLL network ensures a high reliability, a high rate of data and controlling command transmission as necessary for implementing the remote control of the nodal elements of distribution networks.

McWiLL radio stations provide to mobile employees the interference-immune communication lines for setting-up instantaneous group calls (by pressing the PTT button) and individual voice calls (by dialing a number) for voice communications and also support the exchange of text messages, photo- and video materials.

McWiLL dispatcher service provides a centralize coordination of the mobile teams’ activity, a prompt decision making and an extremely quick response to emergency and extraordinary situations. The dispatcher has at his/her disposal a wide range of possibilities to set up closed user groups, to manage group and individual calls, to send out messaged and notifications, to organize the exchange of video materials, to set up videoconference calls, and to track the position of employees on the map.