Special services

McWiLL equipment helps to carry out in real time the collection and transmission of telemetric data, photo- and videodata from accident sites and emergency scenes.

Thanks to McWiLL radio stations the special service officers maintain a permanent communication with the members of their groups and the dispatcher center: they can send tapping-free and interference- immune group and individual calls, and place calls to mobile and fixed-network phones as well as use high-speed data transmission for supporting the exchange of photo- and videomaterials.

McWiLL dispatcher service provides a flexible management of user groups and a control of each of the users (to track his/her location of the map, to keep record of conversations and to listen to surroundings), supplies an urgent operative information without delay in the form of voice or text messages, and sets up videoconference calls and exchange of files.

At the request, it is possible to organize a quickly deployable McWiLL mobile communication complex that will provide the whole scope of system’s services (voice trunking communications, positioning, dispatcher functions, data transmission, photo- and videotransmission, setting up videoconferences) for mobile units operating in remote areas.