Xinwei Telecom Enterprise Group successfully visited Russia


From 6 to 10 November 2011, the delegation XinweiTelecomEnterpriseGroup (hereinafter referred to as Xinwei) led by Chairman and CEO Wang Jing invited by the United Russia party and the Ministry of communications of Russia visited Russia. During the visit Xinwei delegation held extensive and in-depth exchange of views with the relevant departments in Russia and signed several important documents. This visit was a success for both parties.

On the morning of November 8, the signing ceremony of the joint venture NIRIT Xinwei Telecom Technology took place. The signing took place in the building of the State Duma. The signing was attended by: Mr. Konstantin Kosachev, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the General Council of the United Russia Party for International Affairs and Interparty Relations, Mr. Konstantin Petrichenko, Head of the International Relations Department of the Central Executive Committee of the United Russia, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia; Ms. Wen Jiabao Juan the first secretary of the Department of Economic and Trade Advisers of the CCP Embassy in Russia, as well as representatives of Xinwei and NIRIT. Artem Semenov, Deputy Chairman of the Commission of the Presidium of the General Council of the United Russia party to coordinate with the CPC presided over the signing ceremony.

Mr. Kosachev warmly welcomed Mr. Wang Jing and his delegation. He praised the independent Chinese innovation technology McWiLL. In his speech he said that the cooperation between the ruling parties of the two countries reached a mature stage and both sides are striving for further development of this cooperation and exchange of experience between the enterprises of the two countries, especially in innovative technologies.
Mr. Wang Jing said in his speech: "In more than a year of mutual relations, technical exchange, real testing and business negotiations we finally decided to create a joint venture of both companies. Our joint venture will serve the information construction in Russia and expand business on the Internet, oil industry, electric power industry, aviation, railways, digital television, emergency rescue operations, smart city management, and many other areas of application. With Chinese and Russian scientific and technological work, using the latest technologies and the friendship between our countries we will launch our joint venture better and stronger, too fully to answer the calls of the governments of both countries, entrepreneurial spirit, national and humanistic spirit."

Partner of Xinwei, Mr. Oleg Shorin - General Director NIRIT, expressed great satisfaction with the progress made by both parties and the signing ceremony said, "After the creation of the joint venture, we will do our best to use all resources for maintenance of functioning and fast development NIRIT Xinwei Telecom Technology in Russia. I would like to express my sincere thanks Xinwei Telecom Technology for their support and efforts in this project! "

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