Convenience, reliability and uninterrupted operation of the McWiLL communication networks were highly appreciated by the organizers of the Luzhniki half marathon


On August 21st one of the most mass run in Russia Luzhniki half marathon took place in Moscow. About 6 thousand people overcame the 21,1 km long distance that ran along the embankments of the capital's central districts. Organizers used the McWiLL broadband professional radio communication for operational coordination of the event.

Users were combined into seven trunking groups: judges, coordinators of movements of the participants of the half marathon and the relay, the organizers (control center), security services, volunteers, technical support specialists and press service. Thanks to the McWiLL Dispatch center the control center of the event was able to effectively coordinate the work of all involved in the event employees, volunteers and journalists, and if necessary, quickly transfer information about the current situation to the right group.

During the half marathon 80 McWiLL portable radio stations and five mobile McWiLL radio stations and more than 50 headsets for security service were used. A mobile McWiLL communications center was organized on the basis of a minibus.

As well as at servicing of previous sport events the McWiLL system showed itself from the best side – convenience, reliability and uninterrupted operation were highly appreciated by organizers who expressed readiness to continue cooperation at the coming largest event of the year – Moscow Marathon in September.

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