The McWiLL network provided communication for the «April» race in Moscow


According to the established tradition, the NXTT provided professional radio communication services to organizers of the first in 2023 spring race «April» in Moscow in Luzhniki, which took place on Sunday, April 2. The route of the «April» race was organized around the Luzhniki Olympic Complex along the Glory Alley, Novoluzhnetsky Passage and Luzhnetskaya Embankment. With the help of specially organized nine user groups of broadband professional radio communication McWiLL, the interaction between all services working at the event was successfully implemented: headquarters, organizers, athletes and technical service, volunteers and media representatives. Fifty portable radio stations and the McWiLL mobile communication complex (on the basis of a minibus) were used for the sporting event, which allowed deploying a wireless professional communication network with stable coverage of the event area in a short time (about 30 minutes).

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