Telemedicine healthcare service

McWiLL modems provide the secure transmission of data from the sensors of patients’ life-supporting equipment (blood-pressure sensors, pulse receptors, button for remote calling a doctor).

Due to McWiLL radio stations the mobile team employees are permanently connected to the dispatcher center and other teams. They can also call fixed- and mobile network subscribers from their radio stations. High data transmission rate supported by the McWILL radio stations and modems ensures a doctors’ permanent access to remote systems for registration and record keeping and to knowledge data bases.

McWiLL dispatcher service provides a flexible control of group and individual voice calls, the tracking of the teams’ position on the map, the keeping of records of conversations, and the supply of important information to the staff without delay in the form voice or text messages. The possibility for the dispatcher to promptly set up video conferences and to provide the exchange of files is an additional advantage.