The book about McWiLL technology «The trunking system of the McWiLL broadband access» has been published for the first time


Specialists of LLC «NXTT» and JSC «NIRIT» Averianov R.S., Bokk G.O., Volodina E.E., Kudin A.V., Lokhvitskiy M.S., Pantikyan R.T., Smirnov A.V., Shorin A.O. prepared the book «The trunking system of the McWiLL broadband access» in which the main technical, technological and economic aspects of the McWiLL technology development in Russia and abroad are revealed. The book examines the state and trends of the Russian and global telecommunications market, describes corporate users and the Internet of Things as the most popular and promising service. The advantages of the technology for corporate users are revealed: high noise immunity and protection from interception, priority and guarantee of access to a network separated from the queuing network, stable voice communication and highspeed data transmission in traffic at speeds up to 200 km/h, uniform numbering in the country's network. Examples of the use of technology in various fields of activity are given. The structure and algorithms of the broadband access system are considered in detail. The monograph is intended for scientific and engineering workers involved in the planning and organization of mobile communication networks.

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