In one unit, the McWiLL terminal offers a set of services of conventional and professional voice communications that is unique in its scope, of high-rate data transmission, of Internet access, of telemetering service features, of location services within the unified network that has a common numbering plan and a flexible dispatch system.

Moreover, already today, McWiLL subscribers in the regions where networks have been put into commercial operation enjoy a communication security that is unattainable in mobile communication networks and a unique scope of services that is inaccessible to the users of traditional industrial/corporate telecommunication networks:

Organization of dedicated professional communication networks

• Multimedia trunking, data and video transmission, geolocation, dispatcher control over isolated and geographically remote departmental and corporate premises

Mobile complexes of professional communication

• Multimedia trunking, data and video transmission, geolocation, dispatcher control over motile teams

Industrial internet of things and data transmission

• Secure transmission of data from pickup units/meters/sensors
• Secure sending of control instructions
• Data transmission from remote computers
• Direct access to corporate network of data transmission to the  “cloud”

Professional transport monitoring

• Transmission of telemetry data
• Photo/video transmission from monitoring camera
• Stable communication at velocities up to 300 km/h
• Voice communication with driver
• Keeping track of transport vehicle location

Multimedia trunking communication

• Secure and tap-free communication
• Photo and video transmission to/from portable radio
• Group calls, calls from portable radio to portable radio, calls to fixed and mobile network’s phones
• Keeping track of employees’ location on the map
• Operation of portable radio in modem mode for accessing a corporate network or Internet

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